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SHRM's Creative Excellence Awards, 2009
BERNARD HODES GROUP wins most creative excellence awards

SHRM's Creative Excellence Awards, 2009

The CEA's (Creative Excellence Awards) are an award program designed to recognize outstanding achievement in recruitment advertising and marketing. Any organization or advertising agency involved in recruitment advertising is eligible to participate.

This 2009, Bernard HODES Group retained its leadership position with 62 awards (5 Grand Prizes, 19 First Place, 19 Second Place, 17 Third Place and 2 Honorable Mentions) to its credit. TMI Network, its only Network Partner in India has bagged an award in the online media category.


Objective: Invite Arbitron's Associates, dignitaries, journalists to join the inaugural celebrations of Arbitron India's facility in Kochi.

Target Audience: Arbitron's Associates, dignitaries, journalists and others from the professional community.

Online Media and Date of Release: E-card sent via e-mail by Arbitron on 15th December, 2008.

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