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We take pride in being an equal opportunities employer. We believe in diversity and not differentiation. Women make up for 40% of our workforce. Close to 54% of our employees are qualified Engineers, CAs and MBAs while the rest are a good mix of varied Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications.

Intellectual hierarchies mean more to us than organisational hierarchies and we look at each other as part of an extended family. In the process, you have around you, a team consisting of your subordinates, peers and superiors who are simple, friendly and highly approachable. One thing that binds us all is the fact that our values are non negotiable and it has helped us weather rough waters over the past 22 years. All along, we have connected education to employment.

What it means to be a TMI'ian

  • Every TMI'ian is an entrepreneur in his / her own right
  • Your learning never stops
  • At work, you are a part of the decision making process
  • There is never a dull moment – we excite ourselves and people around us
  • We take immense pride in the work that we do

Above all else, as TMI'ians, we touch human lives.

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