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Monica Gaur

"I enjoy working with TMI because of its good working environment. Today I can learn from the vast domain knowledge that exists throughout the company. I am proud to be associated with this organization as it helps me in my growth both professionally & individually."

Nirupama Seetharaman
(Currently in the US)

When I joined TMI, I had only a one year experience in entry level recruitments. But I was given a chance to handle middle level and top level positions from the beginning and with proper guidance from my superiors and peers. I was exposed to various projects, each different from the other and hence the work was really exciting. I quit because I went abroad after marriage and even today, I miss being a TMI'ian. No matter what role you are in...if you want to enhance your learning skills TMI is the place."

Jaya Gupta

"TMI, one of the best talent acquisition organizations. Life here is full of opportunities to learn and gain knowledge about various subjects related to business and practicality of life. It is this every day learning that keeps me close to TMI. It is a place for people who come with an open mind to learn, share and add value to themselves and to business."

Ganesh Shenoy

"The best part of being a TMIian is the privilege of working in a challenging environment, where both your thought & process, are evaluated at all times. More importantly the learnings from some of the best minds in the industry are cherished. Freedom to find a solution in your own way and upholding the values at all times, more so, in testing circumstances is the highlight.

Life at TMI is more like a family, you are guided and nurtured, enabling the best part of you to shine brightly into the future."


Delphine Ferens

"I have been working for TMI since the past 12 years, and it has been the most exciting and enjoyable time for me. Over the years, I have met people from all walks of life who have come to TMI looking for career prospects. I have seen TMI grow to what it is today, and I'm sure it will keep growing to greater heights. The people here are wonderful to work for and work with because they are caring, and always show concern for you. TMI is one place where one is given a lot of opportunities to learn different things. It is one place that has become a part of my life. TMI is one big family now and I am really happy to be a part of that family."


Rohit Shenoy



"WE" - An Indian, A TMI'ian

Another year gone by,
A new one waiting to say Hi,
2007...its time to bid farewell,
No time to regret, no time to dwell,
Its time to ring in the party bell,
Its time to wish one and all well.

India shining, India rising,
We've made a mark, there's lots more coming,
Some brushed us aside, some wrote us off,
They overlooked our spirit, they underestimated our stuff.
But the time is ours, we are on a song,
I'm glad I stayed and did'nt fly along(brain drain)

In the crowd, where was I?
I was doing my bit in TMI,
Connecting education to employment,
Giving the 'right' candidate the 'right' job...
...and every company, the 'right' talent.
Our values prevailed, our conviction paid,
We touched lives, and yes... we cared.

In the process, I learnt a lot,
The joy has stayed, the grief I forgot,
We stumbled, we rose,
We set a target and came pretty close,
We upped the ante, we raised the bar,
We will be the best, the day is not too far.

We are on the brink of 2008,
It brings in new hope, its not just a change of date,
It brings in cheer, it gives wings to our dreams.
Success is not made of "You" and "I",
There's more to it as I would see...
There is this magic in it called "WE"
And everytime I hear "WE",
Its with great pride that I say....
A part of "WE" "ME"

It does not end with taking pride in being an Indian, it goes beyond...there's pride in being a TMI'an

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