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Going Beyond the CV

The Company
An IT major into multi solution services business visioned to create a Center of Excellence on SAP. The requirement was for leadership roles – for domain experts who could double up as the business solutions architect as well as a vertical specialist.

The Challenge
The client was seeking candidates who could meet international benchmarks given the fact that they would be working closely with the consultants of ERP Product partner. The prospective candidate would have to start the engagement right from need for ERP stage, make the blue print and take it all the way till 'Go Live'.

The challenge for the candidate was that although prima-facie this appeared to be a business analyst function, it required them to have strong pre-sales experience and a good exposure to solution architecting for large ERP customers. Such candidates were not so easy to come by.

The Solution
Identifying the 'right' talent for such complex cross functional roles calls for excellent understanding of the Job requirements in terms of competencies and challenges and engagement of professional evaluation methodologies for candidates. A typical job board will not yield results either. We then had to mine our existing database and use our professional network and identify candidates who had the potential to play this role. Our extensive candidate engagement processes go way beyond the traditional CV fitment approach.

The time frame was small and the need, critical. When suitable candidates were finally tracked, one of them happened to be on a holiday, enjoying a safari some where in Kenya, speaking to us atop an elephant while the client engagement officer was awaiting our response in San Francisco. Finally both the customer and the candidate in a right perspective saw a mutual value in an association with the other.

The Result
Our conviction that the candidate was 'right' for the role and vice-versa held good. Although unconventional, the three-way engagement between us, the client and the candidate yielded result and the candidate is now employed with the client and happily so.

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