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The challenge of attracting the right talent does not end with Talent Acquisition. Corporates today face the critical need to retain existing talent and at the same time bring in new talent that stays. To achieve this, it is essential to cater to the varied training needs of organisations across the employee life cycle.

We offer services starting from the induction of new joiners till the continuous professional learning needs of practicing managers. C&K Management Ltd was the pioneer in the knowledge management space, having established the first of its kind Continuous Professional Educational (e-CPE) tool for practicing managers – the portal. Today, we have a dedicated Content and Software Development Center (CSDC) and we design customised online courses and Catalog courses for our national and international clients.

TMI First has been successfully bridging the gap between education and employment through its tailor made employability programs and other training & developmental modules designed for fresher recruits. The Smartly Tailored Employability Programme is one such initiative.

Together, we offer end-to-end talent management solutions across the employee training spectrum.


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