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Our approach, actions and services to our stakeholders are driven by the most integral part of our organisation – Our value systems. We are fair and ethical in our transactions and we firmly believe that we should add value to every interaction that we have with our clients and candidates alike. As our stakeholder, you can expect:

  1. From every TMIian, you can expect insights, superior processes and quality – better than what you can do yourself. We add value in addition to doing what's 'Right' for you.

  2. People are not 'commodities' but a valuable asset. Assessing an individual is as much an art as it is a science and it is our job to make it as scientific as possible. You can extract full value of our expertise by inviting us on-board your interview panel.

  3. Please understand that we have two external customers – The candidates (employee) and the clients (employers). You have the right to expect us to maintain these relationships without compromising one for the other. In doing so, we will maintain the transparency of our processes and achieve a win-win solution for both.

  4. You have the right to expect and to demand full value for the money you pay for our services. It is our job to add value and provide more services than we promise. Once you trust us with your requirements, be rest assured that you will get the best possible service, provided, you let us do things “our” way.

In return for all the services that we offer and the promises that we keep, we have only one request – Treat our employees the way you would treat your own. They are working for you but in our premises. The more they are engaged with you, the more they will deliver.

We are here to partner with you, to grow with you and to succeed with you. You are the reason we are here. We measure our success as a reflection of the success that our stakeholders achieve through our services.

You are our brand ambassadors. You are our extended family.

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