Territory Sales Manager

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  • North Delhi
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Job Information

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    No. of Openings 35 opening
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    Required Skills : b2b marketing
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    Job Experience : 3 - 4 years
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    Job Qualifications Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

Job Description

1. Job/Role Title:TSM – Territory Sales Manager

 Job Summary:Achievements of Sales & Collection Targets byleading & motivating a team of TSIs with organizational and leadership skills

2. Department:. Sales

3. Location:<Name of the City>

4. Job Responsibilities: - (Results Expected) 1. Develop and Manage the Sales network for assigned territory 2. Understand, prepare, and execute sales plans and sales targets 3. Supervision and People Development 4. Achieve Sales, Growth and Collection Targets

5. Monitorallprocesses and procedures

5A. Key Job Responsibilities -


Territory Planning& Sales Budgets


Selection of People


Monitoring Performance


Team Development/Team Building


Devise and executive effective Sale Promo Strategies and Systems


Analysis for Data for Decision Making


Provide best customer Services


Achievement of Efforts and Result Oriented Targets



5B. Job Activities

Please refer to the Key Job Responsibilities in Part 5A above and for each responsibility list the CriticalJob Activities below:

Key Responsibilities


Territory Planning & Sales Budgets

A) Collect, segregate, manage & update customer data

B) Plan Organisational Structure

C) Assignterritories to TSIs adopting a balanced approach considering geography & potential

D) Prepare coverage plans (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily)

E) Prepare Sales& growth Targets - customer wise, territory wise, product wise, TSI wise

F) Prepare Customer wise plans of products and offers

G) Expenses Budget Planning


Selection of People

A) Select Quality people for TSI position with prior approval and make sure that proper Induction takes place

B) Ensure timely appointments against vacancies and/or new posts, if any

C) Plan for retention of Quality TSIs


Monitoring Performance

A) Define and clearly communicated performance targets

B) Establish two-way communication by viewing performance regularly and give quality feedback

C) Prepare actions plans for deviating from performance norms& implement


Team Development/Team Building

A) Develop TSIs through on-the-job training, roll modelling, coaching and apt feedback

B) Address non-performance related issues and initiate appropriate corrective actions

C) Develop team spirit through regular communication and personal example

D) Plan events, meetings and interactions to positively influence morale and motivate team members

E) Implementnorms for disciplined work habits and to ensure high standard of integrity & ethical practices with beliefs at eSense

F) Achieve targets of territory/customers assigned to you individually to demonstrate ability to achieve result through effectively managing others


Devise and executive effective Sale Promo Strategies and Systems

A) Train TSIs Product Knowledge including features, benefits, strategy, systems, service by enhancing your own; conduct activities like mock calls, product quiz, to keep checking improvements

B) Ensure that team uses resources provided to them fully to achieve demo targets

C) Demonstrate products/services to Key decision makers including School Principals, Trustees, Teachers and Students at right time

D) Prepare and execute approved sales strategies/go-to-market plans in regard to coverage, pricing, discounts, supplies, promo events and after sales services

E) Arrange and attend demos/presentations to Key accounts, group of schools (sansthas)

F) Train TSIs on how to focus on theme (product features & benefits) more than the scheme (pricing & discounts)

G) Instructs subordinates to adequately inform you about the ongoing deals & advise them as required; attend At-Risk customers personally and take corrective actions

H) Ensure that CCEs provide effective and efficient after sales service; actively involving yourself in all the issues pertaining to training needsof customers, technical support, product information, reports & analysis, etc. as and when required by the customer

I) Conduct Customers Satisfaction/User Experience Surveys as per norms through the team

J) Ensure that all the terms and conditions enlisted in the quotations given to customers are fulfilled by sales team and the customer

K) Regularly communicate with customers for payment collections and ensure that payments are collected on time as committed by team members

L) Plan and implement Marketing Relationship strategy


Analysis for Data for Decision Making

A) Maintain records of following, check/analyse the same, give feedback and take appropriate corrective actions.

i) KYC Data

ii) Quotations

iii) PO

iv) Commissions

v) Invoices

vi) Payment transactions

vii) CNs

viii) Service Requests

ix) Delivery Details

x) Visit Reports

xi) TSI wise weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly& cumulative sales performance sheets

xii) TSI wise Order Pipeline Charts

xiii) TSI wise Goal sheet reviews

xiv) Expenses under different heads

xv) Plans of TSIs including MJPs

xvi) Various SFAS reports and analysis

B) Take effective measures using reports including above mentioned, to effectively think through a problem through data, reach sound conclusion/decision in time, and implement the decision in time considering short and long term implications in consultation with ASM/RSM/Sales Head

C) Take appropriate actions to keep the data safe


Provide best customer Services

A) Check copies of Pos, ensure that norms are followed, and instruct CCEsto take actions on delivery & service part

B) Keep on coordinating with CCEs regularly to ensure proper onboarding (installation/downloads/teachers’ training), provide efficient service to the clients, provide updates, etc.

C) Make sure that sales team and the CCE are on same page when it comes to representing eSense’s systems, strategy and service methodologies and executions

D) Report on following to your immediate superior adequately & on time

i) all customer queries & requests

ii) escalating pain points of customers

iii) changing needs of customers (schools, teachers, parents, students)

iv) FAQs

v) Innovative ideas to enhance product and services

vi) Training needs & other support required

E) Payment collection related issues and TOPLock

F) Ensure team work to achieve common end objective


Achievement of Efforts and Result Oriented Targets

A) Give efforts related targets to TSIs and take accountability for the same, that includes, coverage, calling, demo, renewals, new customers, sales value targets, growth targets, colletion targets, etc.

B) Achieve & exceed monthly, quarterly and yearly sales targets and share figures/reports with immediate superior

C) Submit KRA-Achievements for the entire team at the end of each Sales Cycle/year to your immediate superior for review



A) Submit your reports on time as prescribed

B) Ensure live reporting by team in SFAS (close sfas reporting by 6 pm every day)

C) Prepare and submit all reports as advised ASM/RSM & Back office on time including SFAS reports, Surveys reports, MJP, Expenses Statements & Vouchers, etc.

D) Refer charts and analysis sent by ASM/RSMs and back office for further/corrective actions

E) Respond to text message, emails and IOMs from on time

F) Ensure that team maintains laptops, sales bags, uniforms, etc provided by company for optimum usage and report requirements if any G) Report local news, events & government circulars pertaining to education and edtech industry

H) Keep vigil while on field and report on competitors’ activities, schemes, products, etc.